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Ubuntu on an Acer Aspire Revo

Did my first Linux installation, putting Ubuntu onto the Revo (which only cost £150). The installation was complicated by the Revo not having a CD/DVD drive but in the end it was easy and so far I am very impressed with Ubuntu. The critical things you need to do to successfully install are-

  1. Download Ubuntu, the .iso disc image (you do not need to burn a CD).
  2. Use unetbootin to make the usb stick a bootable Ubuntu installer.
  3. Go in to the Bios of the Revo, under Advanced Bios features, disable – Boot to RevoBoot and choose the usb as the first boot device.

The first two steps are described on the Ubuntu site.

Follow these steps and you should be able to install Ubuntu and it works fine. If you want to watch full screen video you will have to install Nvidia graphics drivers, I haven’t done that yet!

Day 2 of a New WordPress Installation

I was thinking about what  to do next with this site and I thought I would make my plan into a blog entry.

The obvious first thing to do is choose a theme. Having spent time modifying a theme I may delay this and have a go at designing my own theme (big head).

So my plan is

  1. A bit of housekeeping – upload old blog entries.
  2. Have a go at the side bar, I want a tag cloud (more on this later)
  3. Research ‘creating WordPress themes’

Hello world!

The story of this site so far – Upgraded my host package, now could go from a static site to a dynamic site (with PHP and MySQL).

Decided to try WordPress, quite liked it, biggest problem was I could not log on in work, the college filter blocked it.

Then tried Drupal (Content Management System, CMS), quite liked it.

Then I saw a site that used WordPress as a portal, copied a lot of the ideas to create http://watch.freemovies.co.uk and learned a lot about WordPress. I decided I had to go back to WordPress for my main blog, for reasons I will go into in another post (first I want re-upload my old posts).

So here we are, back in WordPress!