Adding a ‘Tag Cloud’ to a WordPress Sidebar

I wanted to change the content of the sidebar for the default theme that comes with a WordPress installation. I wanted to add a ‘Tag Cloud’, which are built into WordPress and I think are a really good way of accessing information.

The file that you have to edit is called sidebar.php and you will find it in folders /wp-content/themes/default

You have to look at the listing and look at sidebar it created and spot the code which bit does what.

There is a list of navigation items that starts with –

<ul role=”navigation”>

I added the following list item –

<li><h2>Tag Cloud</h2>
<?php wp_tag_cloud(‘smallest=8&largest=16’); ?>

I also moved and deleted some other items to get the sidebar how I wanted it.

I also went into the admin Dashboard of WordPress, to the Links section to change the Blog Roll to a list of my links.

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